Organic Joint Care Juice

Organic Joint Care Juice

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 Orthonil Syrup:

                                 Its a Joint Pain Remedy for Men and Women . We are a well known manufacturer of Orthonil Syrup . These medicines are widely used in many diseases. Orthonil Syrup  is our famous medicine to reduce the joints problem of human body. Our Orthonil protects and nourishes the cartilage-producing cells, and also offers those cells essential building blocks to generate new cartilage and connective tissue. It can be easily found in the market.


Salai guggul ext. (boswellia serrata)

Nirgundi ext. (vitex negundo)

Malkangni ext. (celastrus panicults)

Rasna ext. (inula racemosa)

Methi ext. (Trigonellia foenumgraecum)

Hadjod ext. (vitis quadrangularis)

Aloevera ras (Aloevera Barbdensis)

Excipients (Potassium sorbate, M.P.S.,P.P.S.,)

Sodium EDTA, Xanthangum, bronopol & DM water) 

Directions For Use (Oral):

20ml twice a day or as per directed by the physician.

Shake Well Before Use. Store in a cool & Dry Place 

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight.

Due to natural product slight colour & taste change & sedimentation may occur.

Use Within 1 Month of opening the lid and put in Refrigerator