Organic Black gram (urad) whole

Organic Black gram (urad) whole

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Black gram whole:

                                     Organic SUNRISE Natural products are 100% organic that means yuo are getting them free from any chemicals,toxic substances, fertilizers, Pesticides Synthetic hormones and be assured for the quality assurance as our products are certified according to international standards for organic production, processing and food grade packaging. We believe that for healthy body one should eat healthy food to ensure healthy lifestyle. We suggest organic food maintain a rythm with nature for a better world. Nutritive , testier, hygienic, Organic Black gram (urad) whole.

For Healthy, Active and Happy Life Style

Organic cereals and pulses are healthier than conventional grocery.

Organic cereals and pulses taste better than non-organic grocery

Provide necessary Nutrition to human body for Growth

No Pesticides or Herbicides, Toxins & Chemical free, So Strong and More Energetic Body.

Eco Friendly Products