Multi Grain Diabetic Atta

Multi Grain Diabetic Atta

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Multigrain atta is the perfect mixture of those essential grains which is otherwise not possible for us to increase in our daily diet. It fulfills family daily requirements of fiber, vitamin, energy & minerals. It is multipurpose has long shelf life and highly nutritious. Wholesomeness of the flour is it is made from whole grain flour rather than refined and stripped of their natural goodness. Chapati (Phulkas) are usually very soft, adds flavor has firm texture that make it great for packed lunch and for those on diet, they don't have any oil and fat in them. Multigrain flour is whole wheat flour which completes the required nourishment demands of an individual health. Adding small amount in daily diet can help feel more active, healthier and energetic. Multigrain flour is high fiber, vitamin, and protein rich flour. High fiber can help regulate blood sugar fills the stomach thereby reduces appetite, protect against obesity. Extra protein content helps improve body strength. Vitamin is vital in strengthening immunity. 
Why Organic?
No Chemical Toxins: Conventionally grown crops are sprayed with significant amounts of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, and chemical fertilizers. Organically grown plants are nourished naturally using green manures and composts, recent cancer rates are as high as one out of every two people and chemical toxins are a leading cause.