Bajra Whole

Bajra Whole

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A bajra roti is a plain, flat bread popular in some areas of Asia, particularly India. Bajra rotis look similar to small flour tortillas. Their nutritional value is similar to other types of flour-based foods, with high carbohydrates and low protein. They're often used as a side dish for meals including vegetables or meat.

Bajra, a food grain known in English as Millet, is cultivated extensively in Rajasthan. It is consumed locally as leavened bread called Bajre ri roti, or as a gruel called Bajre ri khichadi.

The basic ingredients for a single bajra roti are: 1/3 cup of millet flour, less than a pinch of salt, water and under 1 tbsp. of ghee. This makes a bajra roti approximately 6 inches wide. Ghee is a high-fat clarified butter commonly used in Indian cooking. Millet flour is gluten-free. Optional added ingredients suggested in an Indian cookbook by Tarla Dalal include mashed potato, fennel, onions, coconut, garam masala and coriander.

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